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posting 15 January 2007

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so. i had anticipated posting regularly. like.. really regularly. is every weekday too much to ask?

apparently so. and an awful lot for someone just starting in the blog realm.

so i was encouraging myself to post 2x per week. i have been struggling with that too, on and off. and now i’m about to go back to school.

for those of you who have found me and are entertained, yay. :) i’m glad you’re here and someone is “listening.” if you ever want to drop me a comment, that would be actively appreciated. i do want to warn you though, that i may not be around very much between now and… well… May, when i graduate.

i’m also finding it interestingly difficult to get the pictures from my little tiny camera to a method/jpg etc that is appropriate for posting. long term, i plan on having a better camera that takes better pictures, my own website, and my own layout of my blog. for now, however, i will leave it at a pre-formatted skin (hence me feeling hesitant to figure out how to create another page of finished objects or some such thing, to fit into this skin), and hosted free on wordpress.

i’ve also been very… hesitant and limited in who i give my site to. i’ve not dropped it freely and randomly to my friends – knitting or otherwise. the boy knows about it, of course… and i did ask my sister if i could post her picture… but in general i have only told blog folks in comments and such. i’m leaving it for people to ‘discover’ me rather than try and spread the word and have a big following. i’m not doing this to get a big following or be well read (although seeing that anyone has even viewed my rambling posts is rather inspiring, funny enough). rather, i need a place to keep track of what i’m doing, and share my experiences with knitting, and a bonus is if any of it comes in helpful for others at all.

so i guess what i’m trying to say, is that i will do my best to post twice a week. keep especially up to date on my projects, perhaps with a little fluff of story now and again.  if you want to stick with me, please please do so. :)


in actual knitting news, i’m working on putting the zipper in samus. the sleeve of sheila is coming along and believe it or not – i’m at the TOE of the second pomatomus.

oh, you want some eye candy? some yarn porn? :)

ask and ye shall receive.

this is just a very close up of samus with some basting stitches in preparation of his zipper.

samus zipper

next, we have shiels. the sleeve looks a little further along, yes?

shiels’ sleeve

and finally, pomatomus.

here we have the two socks. i realize that they closely resemble each other, but i am quite disappointed by the vast coloration difference. i understand that this happens with hand-dyed yarn. but i haven’t seen the difference to be so drastic before… anyways…


and the toes:


so close! so freaking close!

they’re not actually complete (i mean, i’m on the decreases. ordinarily i *never* would have just let them sit there like this. and really why aren’t i working on them right now?!) is that i was in the middle of a car ride. i was not driving (hence the knitting), and developed a headache. so i slowed down.

and it quickly bloomed into a migraine.

there is no knitting that goes with a migraine. no knitting, no sounds, no light, no movement…. and lest i forget, no heat.

so i went to bed early without my pomatomus finished so close to the toe, because my migraine took over my life… temporarily.

it’s got to be done by the next time i check in….. doesn’t it?


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