skein and able

have skein… am able

hmmm…. 29 September 2010

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so many things have changed. I can’t believe how long it’s been.
shall I begin again?


i’m a pooh-head 6 March 2008

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no, really.

sorry i’ve been completely and utterly absent. I don’t really know how many (if any) readers i’ve ever had outside of my SO.  but suffice it to say, that it’s been a little bit… difficult? busy? for me lately.

and a lot of those things, i don’t really have interest in sharing with the blogosphere.

however, there has been some knitting.

and you can find most of it on  maybe that’s part of the reason that this site has suffered?  you can find me as tadlewog on there.

i’ll come back and show pictures when i can.


bag 15 November 2007

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been almost sorta hibernating for a while.

it’s the everlasting bagstopper, from knitty.

everlasting bagstopper.JPG

i really just need to sew in the straps – which, btw, i’m excited about. i want to make them short on two sides and long on two sides. you know, so i could hold it by the hand, or over the shoulder.

bagstopper straps.JPG

i just need to actually *finish* it.


rhinebeck haul. 2 November 2007

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so, honestly? i did not purchase a whole helluva lot at rhinebeck this year. after taking inventory of the stash in preparation for moving (and that little thing called ravelry), i realized that i actually have a lot of projects worth of yarn – whether i’m inspired to use them right now or not.

so, i went with a bit of a different goal: have fun with my boy, see if we couldn’t find a yarn that he would like for the sweater (moving in counts enough for the sweater curse, doesn’t it?), and if anything *really* *really* called to me, then as long as i stayed within my budget, i was free to make that happen.
so, not much yarn… however… i did get a couple of other items, but you’ll have to wait for those pictures.

i saw many more wool-strip rug-hooking booths than i have seen in the last couple of years. and as my sister has done a lot of beautiful work, i got a bit of good colored wool for her.

now, for the actual yarn.
i finally, after years of searching, found the yarn to be my aran cardigan! yay!
aran yarn.JPG
now i just need to determine what pattern i’m going to actually use….

and the only other actual yarn that i purchased for myself was at the encouragement of my fabulous SO. he pointed out that i kept on noticing yarns that i really liked that were very similar in color to (see the reddish cone below) (it’s not quite true color, its’ definitely deeper – what can i say, i’m not so good at actually getting the natural light.)
and i explained that it was all heavier than what i wanted to work with right now. but this cone? it’s a sport to light worsted, with 1750 (approx) yards on the cone. purchased from Wild Apple Hill Farm. (this is the only site that i can find) i’m thrilled.
red cone.JPG
blue cone.JPG

can you believe that’s all the yarn i bought (for myself)? i read somewhere (maybe Anne over at knitspot?) that the purchases go down as you go, but it’s great to go with new knitters and live vicariously. i? i just need to witness others loving the purchases. i don’t even have to be with them. :)

this, i think is great, and very good for my wallet. :)


cameras 26 October 2007

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so i thought my camera was dead. it was all off & fuzzy and wasn’t really taking pictures.

and the batteries would only last about oh, 20 minutes. 

I got new rechargables and finally found my recharger after the move.

and soon? i’ll actually show you what i got at rhinebeck. because my camera is working again… sort of.

i know, you were expecting pictures. soon. soon…

and by the way??? somehow yesterday was my first bloggiversary! how did that happen?!


Rhinebeck! 22 October 2007

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So we made it to rhinebeck, my sweetie and i.

we stayed with his aunt and uncle in Woodstock – a mere 30 minutes away. and i got to go for saturday *and* sunday for the first time ever! (see graduation) :) i had a lovely time, got some great deals, bought a few things for friends who were not able to attend, and was able to watch the Punkin’ Chunkin’ contest Sunday. who knew that a slingshot style of propelling machine would beat out the catapult in distance, but no where near in accuracy? who knew that i would be interested in any sort of thing!?!? but what fun it was! unfortunately, my camera started acting up, so I did not get many pictures, but i’m working on either having enough patience to wait for it to work on occasion to take pictures of the newly acquired – or, perhaps… purchase a new one! yikes!

so i knew that we would probably hang out with the family folks on saturday night, but i did *not* know that we might go to an auction with them.
somehow? we ended up with a set of chairs. what do you think? worth the tied-down trip back to boston? :)


a chair set

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Originally uploaded by tadlewog.

what do you think of our new set? :)



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